Collaborative Communication
Training for Organizations


My years of working on project teams large and small have magnified the importance of great communication skills.  Everyone on the team contributes to and is responsible for the team’s communication culture.  A team’s communication culture can make decision-making, providing vital feedback, clarifying and achieving goals, and acknowledging wins either challenging or easy.  A positive, collaborative communication culture can not only make a team more productive, but team members can feel more engaged and valued and as a result, find their work more rewarding.

Collaborative Communication training can help your team create a more effective, positive communication culture  

Participants in Collaborative Communication Training learn to:

  • Be honest and direct in a way that builds trust

  • Explore what creates and what removes resistance to collaboration

  • Create more of what is working by focusing on strengths and successes

  • Provide open, honest feedback in a non-threatening way

  • Openly receive feedback as constructive opportunity for learning

  • Embrace the dissenting viewpoint as a gift that can improve outcomes

  • Enhance engagement by understanding the needs of clients, staff and peers

Leveraging the power of an internationally proven approach, I will assist your team to create an effective, collaborative communication culture.  In a highly experiential process, we will explore what is happening, why it matters, and how to create more of what works.

Depending on the scope of training your organization desires, training could consist of a 2-hour session on a specific topic or if a more comprehensive culture shift is desired, training could be an initial multi-day session with follow-up sessions and coaching.  Tailoring training to your organization’s unique needs, I will support your team in learning highly effective collaboration tools to generate immediate and sustained results.