Communication Dojo

Learn & practice the art & science of effective communication at our practice group co-facilitated by two seasoned communication experts.  

What is it?

Our Communication Dojo is a 2-hour drop-in communication practice group.  We will teach, demonstrate, and support couples and individuals to practice the principles of highly effective, whole-hearted communication.

Who is it for?

For couples and individuals who want to develop the essential communication skills necessary for more connected, rewarding relationships.

When is it held?  

  • presently there are no dates scheduled

Why attend?

From Trevor’s 20+ years as a relationship therapist and Jenna’s compassionate exploration of conflict and healing, we bring a lifetime of passion for creating great relationships!  You know, the kind of relationship where you can be fully heard, hear others, allow differences and celebrate connection.  So often the discord, conflict, or misunderstandings in a relationship is rooted in “broken communication”.  Through our work, we have discovered that great communication skills are one of the primary pillars to happy, healthy relationships.  It stands to reason that, whether it’s in your romantic relationship, with your family or situations at work, learning effective communication skills is key to creating harmonious relationships.  The Communication Dojo offers a safe, supportive environment to learn new communication skills, see them modelled by experienced trainers, meet others with a similar desire for growth and most importantly, have an opportunity to practice your newly found skills.  

Great communication = great relationships!


The Communication Dojo is co-facilitated by two seasoned communication experts.