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community Guidelines

We ask that Everyday Empathy Members familiarize themselves with the guidelines
and raise any questions or concerns to Jenna@heartspring.ca
last updated: October 17, 2018

program Guidelines

Everyday Empathy is a co-created space for learning and growth. By becoming a member you agree to:

  • uphold a shared vision for a safe, open environment where the intention is for compassion, connection and growth.

  • ensure the confidentiality of all that is shared on the Community Calls and Empathy Partner connections. This means when sharing about Everyday Empathy you share from your first-person experience only.

  • commit to the practice of self-connection and self-care as your personal responsibility.

  • practice patience and compassion when you experience actions, yours or others', that are less skilled than you’d like.

  • do your best to use the model of Nonviolent Communication in support of personal, relational and community resilience.

Community Call Guidelines

  • Please do your best to arrive at calls early, up to 10 minutes prior to the start time.

  • The Learning portion of the call is where we will explore a topic relevant to empathy and compassionate communication. Send your topic requests to Jenna@heartspring.ca,

  • The Q&A portion of the call where is where specific challenges or questions from the community will be responded to. Email your questions to Jenna@heartspring.ca at least 1 day prior to the call. Questions received the day of the call may be deferred to a subsequent call.

  • There may also be small group breakouts for connection and discussion. Note: these breakout sessions are not recorded.

  • Calls are recorded and recordings are made available to active Everyday Empathy Members to support inclusion (in the event someone missed a call) and ongoing learning.

  • Please respect the privacy and integrity of our community and do not share these call recordings with anyone, ever.

  • Community Calls recordings are the sole property of Heart Spring Consulting and as such I, Jenna Card owner, may use or make available the ‘Learning’ and 'Q&A' portions of a call outside the Everyday Empathy program. Member privacy and the community norm of confidentiality, safety and vulnerability is precious to me! I pledge that I will not share a member’s personal information or sharing (voice or image) outside the program without the express written permission from the member.

Empathy Partner Guidelines

  • Upon joining you will be paired with an Empathy Partner

  • You agree to have your contact information shared with your assigned Empathy Partner

  • Both you and your partner are responsible for scheduling weekly Empathy Partner calls.

  • Recommendation is for weekly calls 30 - 60 minutes long

  • Guidance is provided for call structure and process

  • Empathy Partners are rotated seasonally (4 times per year). Rotating partners supports learning and expands participants' circle of supportive community. An Empathy Partner pair can elect not to rotate.