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The Everyday Empathy Program is not currently accepting new Members.

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Program Highlights:

Cultivate Personal Resilience
grow supportive Community


Everyday Empathy is an interactive, engaging virtual program designed to cultivate your personal resilience while expanding your network of empathic support.  The program is a combination of facilitated virtual Community Calls that twice monthly provide ongoing learning and connection, an Empathy Partner pairing for weekly practice and mutual support, and access to the online Member Portal bursting with resources.  Participation is on an ongoing monthly basis supported by some snazzy, secure tools that allow you full autonomy over your membership (start or stop anytime). The Everyday Empathy program is aimed at developing your skills for giving and receiving empathy, which is key to cultivating confident, grounded personal resilience and growing strong, supportive communities.

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Who is everyday empathy for?

Designed to build on empathy & compassionate communication skills learned through previous Nonviolent Communication (NVC) / Compassionate Communication training or study, Everyday Empathy is most appropriate for individuals with some previous experience with NVC.  

No previous NVC experience?  Wanting an NVC refresher? or Unsure the program is a fit for you?  No problem!
Compassionate Communication Fundamentals workshops are available both in-person (Vancouver, BC area) or in an highly interactive online format.  

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What is Included?

The Everyday Empathy Program is unique in its ability to create connection and be easily accessed via phone or computer.  Connection is cultivated through regular touch points - weekly with your Empathy Partner and twice monthly with Everyday Empathy community.  The virtual nature of the program means it can be done from nearly anywhere.  Can't make a scheduled Community Call?  No problem, calls are recorded and made available to members on the resource rich Member Portal.

Empathy Partner

  • Weekly Empathy Partner Calls

  • Empathy Partner pairing with whom you will schedule your weekly call

  • Guidelines and resources for successful Empathy Partner calls

  • Pairings are made randomly with care for aligning time zones where possible

  • Pairings are optionally rotated every three months

  • Consistent practice and mutual support

Community Guidelines

Community Calls

  • Twice monthly 90 minute virtual group coaching calls

    • 1st Tuesdays & 3rd Wednesdays from 7pm to 8:30pm PST

    • NOTE: call schedule is being adapted to accommodate other time zones - let us know what works best for you!

  • Hosted online via Zoom and accessible via phone, computer, tablet

  • Connect with your fellow community members

  • Learn and refine your skills

  • Recordings available to active members via the Member Portal

Membership Portal

  • Secure member only area

  • Resources & handouts

  • Community Call recordings

  • Manage your membership

What is the cost of membership?

Everyday Empathy Program Membership is a monthly subscription of $48.  

Upon registration you will receive access to the Member Portal and the details for accessing next Community Call.  You will receive your Empathy Partner assignment within a week or so of signing up. 

Building community and skills takes time and so the program is ongoing.  There is no commitment to a time period and you can cancel (or rejoin) at any time!

Living in a sustainable world is important to me - emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. In an effort to support mutual sustainability, for every 10 Regular Memberships I offer a cost reduced Sustainability Membership.  If the Regular Membership cost is not sustainable for you, please contact me and we can explore what mutual sustainability looks like.

Our Mission

Develop Personal Resilience

When we cultivate our own personal capacity for empathic listening and a warm loving presence, like strengthening a muscle, it becomes easier to practice empathy - for ourselves and for others.  You will be provided the tools and practices that support the development of empathy and resilience. Resilience that empowers you to navigate the inevitable challenges of life with more choice and happiness.

Build Connected Community

Community is key!  Resilient individuals build resilient communities. Through group calls and 1:1 partnering, you will have the opportunity to grow your community of support.  With a common language and understanding of empathic support, you will belong to an ever expanding community of like-minded, compassionate individuals.

The Everyday Empathy Program is
not currently accepting new Members.

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your Facilitator

I am Jenna Card, a CNVC Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, experience facilitator, coach and creator of the Everyday Empathy program.  

I created the Everyday Empathy program partly in response to people in my own beloved community’s calling for more places of support and partly in response to my own inner desire to offer the teachings and practices that have transformed my relationships and my life.

I have a not-so-secret, secret mission to normalize empathy in the world.  I want to live in a world where our first response to an expression of pain (which could look like anger or fear or judgement or even hate) is empathy.  Empathy, to me, is the beginning of healing, the beginning of true connection. There are so many reasons empathy can be hard to do and there are even more reasons to do it!  

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