Community Call - December 4, 2018

Learning Topic: Boundaries and The Wheel of Consent

Reference: Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent



  • 0;00 - Welcome & Group Agreements

    • 1:35 - Housekeeping - Status of last two Call recordings, Discussion about recordings and status of previously posted calls, heads up about coming option to rotate empathy partners at the end of December

      • Decisions: will continue to post full calls (not edited, shorter version); will leave existing full recordings as is and revisit discussion when we have an influx of new members for the possibility of editing previous calls to include only the learning content.

  • 17:00 - Self Connection Meditation

  • 25:12 - Check-in Round

  • 14:04 - Learning Topic: Boundaries and The Wheel of Consent

  • 1:18:45 - Close

    • NEXT CALL - Wednesday, December 19