Empathic Coaching

Whether you are clear on the specific part of your life that needs to evolve or you just have a meta sense that life could be more fulfilling,

Empathic Whole-Life Coaching is for you!

Coaching is available as individual sessions or for highly impactful.  sustainable results as a 4 session series, On Your Hearts Journey.

On Your Heart’s Journey

The artfully crafted On Your Heart’s Journey will guide you to cultivate (and learn to trust!) your intuition and then master the decisive action necessary to propel you forward.  Experience my unique, heart-centered coaching, rooted in a holistic, empathic approach and grounded in real world, practical action with fierce, loving accountability.    

This four session coaching journey begins by employing the Wheel of Life to begin mapping the wholeness of your life.  Honing in on specific areas of growth, we will dive into an exploration of your values, gifts, and longings to reveal the Vision held deep in your heart.  From this Vision, you will embark On Your Heart’s Journey by setting inspired, S.M.A.R.T. goals, dissolving blocks to success and cultivating the self-care and accountability skills necessary to manifest your Vision.

On Your Heart’s Journey, consists of four coaching sessions over 4-8 weeks where you will have the opportunity to:

  • explore your vision for a balanced, fulfilling life

  • gain clarity on where you are now

  • craft goals that move you closer to your vision

  • explore ways you can free yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns

  • learn the self-compassion that is vital to manifesting the life you envision

  • create and build on patterns of success in achieving your goals

My heart sings to be present to someone discovering and unleashing their greatness! 

Sessions can be done in person, over video conference or by phone.  For pricing and scheduling, please contact me to book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery session for us to explore working together.