Interpersonal Mediation

“Conflict” can be defined simply as difficulty integrating new information.  Oftentimes, with a little patience and understanding, we are able to integrate this new information and return to a state of homeostasis.  Other times, the new information is not so easily integrated and painful stories about the experience or the people involved build.  The experience of conflict can become more intense and without satisfactory resolution, can lead to hostility, deep pain, and even hopelessness.  Relationships falter, trust is broken, and returning to harmony, agreement or even understanding can seem impossible.

Empathic Mediation can help!   

My Goal For Mediation Is First To Build Trust And Strengthen Relationships And Allow Sustainable Resolutions To Arise Naturally From The Connection

By supporting individuals to be deeply heard and connect with what is truly important, we can begin to rebuild the trust and mutual care.  I can support you to begin to integrate that difficult information and create understanding, which is the foundation of lasting, joyful agreements.

My approach to mediation is grounded in empathy and compassionate communication.  Some of the founding principles are:

  • Most conflict occurs at the level of strategy (the details of 'how').

  • Painful words and experiences can be transformed with empathy into expressions of what is most important to each party.

  • When we can connect with each others underlying needs & values, we can build trust and connection, which precedes sustainable agreements.

If all parties are willing to step into an experience of Empathic Mediation with me, I recommend scheduling 15-30 minute pre-mediation calls with each individual.  We then book a minimum of two 90 minute sessions to begin the process of rebuilding and restoring.  My goal for mediation is to first build trust and strengthen relationships, which will then allow a resolution to arise naturally from the connection.