My Approach

I am passionate about teaching great communication skills!

The kind of skills that will transform your relationships at work and at home.  In the workplace, I leverage my years of Business Analyst experience and I teach teams how to be both collaborative and relational as well as highly efficient.  In personal relationships, I show individuals ways to create the emotional safety needed to be open-hearted, honest, and truly loving.  My deepest passion is for safe, harmonious relationships and so when there is conflict, I support people to connect deeply with what matters most and arrive at mutually satisfying, lasting resolutions.

Whether it is a whole new approach to communication or strategic tweaks to your communication style, learning essential communication skills will improve the quality of your relationships.  Active listening, understanding the root causes of troubling behaviour, depersonalizing conflict, clarifying what is truly important, and making powerful requests are just some of the skills you will learn in working with me.  By learning and integrating compassionate, collaborative communication you too can create deeply satisfying relationships in all areas of your life.

My Experience

  • CNVC Certified Trainer Candidate
  • Co-creator and facilitator of communication practice group, the Communication Dojo
  • Extensive NVC training over the past 8 years with a variety of CNVC Certified Trainers in areas including Convergent Facilitation, Depth Empathy processes, Mediation, Family Constellations, Group Facilitation, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Somatic practices.
  • Mediation training with Justice Institute of BC, Royal Roads University, and Radical Compassion - NVC based Mediation
  • Personal Coach training with CTI
  • 25 years of corporate experience in ranging from Financial Accountant to Senior Business Analyst to to Project Lead to Change Management Lead in a variety of industries including natural resources, information technology, retail and digital entertainment. 
  • Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training, Vipasana meditation, SoulCraft nature based spiritual practices including vision quest, drumming, ceremony and song.

Official Bio

Jenna Card, a CNVC Certified Trainer Candidate and veteran Senior Business Analyst, blends compassion with gentle leadership for a powerful, dynamic facilitation experience.  She thrives in guiding individuals and organizations into a more heart-centered collaborative experience.  A skilled Compassionate Communication Trainer, Interpersonal Mediator, and Empathic Coach, Jenna is co-founder and facilitator of the Communication Dojo.  Jenna  is passionate about guiding others into deeper connection with themselves and others for enhanced relational harmony and deep personal fulfillment.  She fuses her deep empathic presence, soulful insight, and somatic practices with attuned leadership and clear strategic action.   A 25 year veteran of the corporate world, she has transformed her life into an expression of love, growth, and joyful service.  Jenna has a diversity of experience in facilitating collaborative group work and has formal training in NonViolent Communication, Coaching, Mediation, SoulCraft nature-based leadership practices and Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training.