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Fundamentals of Compassionate Communication

Gain Confidence in Compassionate Communication

Fundamentals of Compassionate Communication

Collaborative Communication 

Essential training for Business, 
Project Teams, and Organizations
Create powerful, creative, effective teams.

Interpersonal Mediation

Mediation between individuals and groups for when restoring relationships is as important as enduring, satisfying results.


Coaching for individuals longing to dissolve blocks, free up energy, focus, and passion and move closer to their ideal life. 

Jenna Card, a CNVC Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer and veteran Senior Business Analyst, blends compassion with gentle leadership for a powerful, dynamic facilitation experience.   See full bio...

Jenna thrives in guiding individuals and organizations into a more heart-centered collaborative experience.  

A skilled Compassionate Communication Trainer, Interpersonal Mediator, and Empathic Coach, Jenna is founder and facilitator of the Everyday Empathy program.  She is passionate about guiding others into deeper connection with themselves and others for enhanced relational harmony and deep personal fulfillment.  She fuses her deep empathic presence, soulful insight, and somatic practices with attuned leadership and clear strategic action.   
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